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Is JSONP classfied as AJAX?

I am confused as i understood that the XHR is required to be used for the asynchronous communication but when i look at the jQuery code for JSONP it is "wrapped in an AJAX call

jQuery AJAX

if JSONP is not classified as AJAX then why have jQuery bundled it as an AJAX function or am i missing something here?

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If you'd strictly say that AJAX means "asynchronous communication between JavaScript and a Server using XML format", then only a few techniques called "Ajax" today would meet that definition, as even many "XML-HTTP-Requests" do not transport XML data.

So the JSONP technique is just one of the known asynchronous communication methods, and jQuery wanted to bundle all of them into one function - named with the most common term "ajax".

However, the term "ajax" is closely linked to the XMLHTTPRequest interface, which is limited by the same-origin-policy. While this one does not apply to JSONP, which uses <script> elements, JSONP is limited to GET-requests and needs a special serverside infrastructure.

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thanks for the reply, makes things more clear generally are JSONP solutions regarded as a JSONP solution or AJAX-JSONP solutions on a similar note, if an XHR returns HTML, then strictly speaking it is not XHR, correct? –  android_baby Jan 13 '12 at 15:51

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