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I'm reading data from a file. Most of the data in the data file will be read in and written out to an output file without modification. However, in places the data is separated by a blank line, which precedes 5 other useless lines. Here is my code:

#Now loop over the entire file
while True:
testline = infile.readline()
if len(testline) ==0:
    break # EOF
elseif testline == '\n':
    for i in range(0,5)
        testline = infile.readline()

I get the following error that has me stumped:

File "", line 31
elseif testline == '\n':
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Any thoughts? I can't figure out what is wrong with my elseif statement.

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There is no elseif in Python. You want elif. – g.d.d.c Jan 12 '12 at 0:17
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It isn't elseif in python, it's elif.

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Ugh. thanks. As you can see, I'm new at this. – Flux Capacitor Jan 12 '12 at 0:20
@FluxCapacitor don't forget to accept an answer – juliomalegria Jan 12 '12 at 2:30

Others have pointed out it's elif. Also, you're missing a colon at the end of your for statement, and Python will probably complain about the following line. So now you don't have to come back and ask a separate question for that. :-)

If you just want to iterate over the lines in a file, though, a better way to do this is:

for testline in testfile:
   # do stuff with the line

You don't have to check for the end-of-file that way because the loop automatically ends when you reach the end of the file.

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While the rest of the answers provided answer your question explicitly, kindall here is right, you should really follow his approach. – Aurora Jan 12 '12 at 0:26

It isn't 'elseif' it is 'elif' that you are looking for.

Furthermore there is another typo at the end of your for loop for i in range(0,5) it needs a : at the end there.

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You could always try changing elseif to elif

And your indentation is stuffed from the 2nd line onwards

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