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I've been looking for a Java web application library/framework that would allow me to share HTML fragments between two separate webapps running either locally or remotely.

Problem I have a need to build a website that runs multiple webapps due to size, team structures and release cycles etc (it's common for companies to have multiple apps on their website). I want to have our main content website to centrally manage the look and feel (headers & footers etc) and have our other webapps consume these HTML fragments. I see it working something similar to sitemesh or Apache Tiles only across remote applications. Has anyone seen anything like this?.. Is there such a framework (EG Apache "Remote" Tiles) ?

Has anybody else tried to tackle the problem of maintaining a consistent look & feel as well as standard content across multiple Java Web applications?

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Is there really no one interested in this problem? I would have thought that it might be a common problem... anyone? – sub Jan 19 '12 at 9:07

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