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I've read you can upload an application such as winzip to your blob storage to unzip a folder stored in blob storage, my question is how would I go about doing this also where would the contents of the folder be extracted too?

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Do you remember where you read it? I'm sure you could upload winzip and store it in blob storage, but unless you pull it out of blob storage I don't see how you could execute it. I'd love to know where you heard about it. –  Jason Haley Jan 12 '12 at 2:30

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U can download the zip blob as Stream then u extract that stream and then only you can Upload the files in windows Azure...

steps have to follow :

  1. First download the zip as stream

  2. Unzip the zip file using that stream

  3. Upload that again as u wish

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This must have been some missleading information, or you didn't understand it. There is no way you can execute a process in the Windows Azure Blob storage. It is Storage Service, not a process execution engine, nor operating system.

You certainly can upload any files in Windows Azure Blob storage, but you cannot execute them there. You can only execute files (i.e. lauch a process) in a Windows Azure Roles (Web or Worker or VM). You could have your own process running in a Worker or Web Role, which expects a ZIP package, then unzip it locally, then upload all the files in the Windows Azure Blob storage. But you cannot have that process itself running in a Windows Azure Storage service.

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