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I'm interested in using bootstrap for a blog, and I've seen a few other sites doing similar things like:

My question is, are there any bootstrap plugins or open sourced examples of how to do this? Or will I need to come up with something on my own if I want blog functionality. I'm ideally trying to find something easy to add/update/organize blogs with for bootstrap.

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Remember, Bootstrap isn't a software, it's a design framework that can be integrated into any blogging software that allows you to modify the underlying code.

Wordpress, for example, provides instructions on their site on how to use Bootstrap with their themes.

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We make the WordPress Bootstrap CSS plugin that your referred to earlier, on Host Like Toast.

This plugin is free and open-source, and we have tutorials on the website for how you can use WordPress shortcodes to implement some of the bootstrap features.

You could also, in your themes, use the do_shortcode() function to implement the existing shortcodes easily.

Today we released version 2.0.0-beta so you can immediately start taking full advantage of Twitter Bootstrap 2.0.

Further information is here:

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