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I put the following codes into routes.php file.

Router::connect('/bancha-api.js?models=*', array('controller' => 'Bancha', 'action' => 'index'));

I want to visit "localhost/Bancha-cakephp/bancha-api.js" in browser, and it can go to Bancha/index instead.(Bancha-cakephp is subfolder holding all CakePHP files).

But got

Error: The requested address '/Bancha-cakephp/bancha-api.js' was not found on this server.

Anybody can help me? Thanks.

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I just come across your question. In the future just use GitHub for Bug Reports and the Sencha Forums for Questions.

The following error resulted because of an API change inside a CakePHP stable release and is already fixed in Bancha Projects current release.

Best regards, Roland

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Try to enable debug level 2 in core.php, then you will know what does trigger this error.

In production mode (debug=0), Cakephp will send 404 Not found errors to many requests.

But if you switch to development mode (debug=2), then you should get a more helping error message like "Missing controller"

Hope this helps !

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Try defining the Router connection without the query:

Router::connect('/bancha-api.js', array('controller' => 'Bancha', 'action' => 'index'));

You can access and process the "models" query string parameter inside the action.

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