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I am brand new to the Play framework, but I am trying to use the secure module and cannot get it to work.

Problem 1 Eclipse cannot resolve Secure.Security:

package controllers;

import models.*;

public class Security extends Secure.Security {

    static boolean authenticate(String username, String password) {
        User user = User.find("byEmail", username).first();
        return user != null && user.password.equals(password);


Problem 2

NullPointerException : Cannot get property 'check' on null object.

When I have the following in my view:

#{if secure.check}

I have added the security module to my configuration. What am I missing?

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Can't help you specifically, but I know Matt Raible has been "playing" with Play for a while now. Check out some of the posts on his site regarding his experiences if you are interested - raibledesigns.com/rd/entry/play_2_0_a_web as a starter –  Mr Moose Jan 12 '12 at 8:27

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Go to command line at your project folder and write these :

play clean // Clear previous compiled classes
play deps --sync // Add & Update missing dependencies like secure module
play eclipsify // You must run eclipsify again to show secure libs to your project

then go to project in eclipse , right click and refresh. Restart again.

Single Line Command : play eclipsify --deps --sync

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