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I am getting Stale reference exception(Element no longer valid), I am using c# - Webdriver for automation.

I am using Selenium for automation framework. In that I have used EventFiringWebDriver class of Selenium Event. that listens to every event of InterenetExplorerWebdriver (Like Click() or SendKeys()). In the events of the EventFiringWebDriver class like (ElementClicked,ElementValueChanged) I have implemented the logic that logs the WebElementEventArgs object's attributes to XML based log file. so at the end of the execution I can see the details of the execution of each test case in XSLT format and track functional errors.


public class SeleniumEventListener : EventFiringWebDriver
     public SeleniumEventListener(IWebDriver webDriver):base(webDriver)
             ElementClicked += new EventHandler<WebElementEventArgs>SeleniumEventListener_ElementClicked);
//more events handled here..
   void SeleniumEventListener_ElementValueChanged(object sender,WebElementEventArgs e)
   private LogPassedStep(e)
          string title = e.Element.value;
            string status = "clicked"

         //XML based logging here.


In my application which I automate using selenium. I have some text boxes and Buttons, The EventFiringWebDriver class XMLLogging works correctly for the textboxes through out the test case execution But for the Buttons Or Links some of the times it Gives the "Element no longer valid" Stale reference exception(The some buttons are of the type Expand collapse which causes DOM to change, and In my application I have a Task page which refreshes at regular interval in that the Stale reference exception comes often)

The Webdriver clicks works correctly throughout the execution but the EventFiringWebDriver fails to recognize the object and Stale reference exception comes

Please help me.. or please suggest me the way to get that details of the webpage objects (like button,link) so that I can implement the Logging functionality(I am using C#-webdriver)/

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StaleElementReferenceException means you are accessing attribute of the element, which no longer exists. You need to collect all needed attribute values for an element before the DOM changes.

So if you want to:

  1. find element on page
  2. make element disappear (e.g. open another page)
  3. log that element's name

you need to:

  1. find element on page
  2. store element's name in the variable (my_elements_name)
  3. make element disappear (e.g. open another page)
  4. log that element's name, using my_elements_name variable, and not the element itself.

In python it will look like this:

from selenium.webdriver import Firefox

browser = Firefox()

element = browser.find_element_by_id('lst-ib')
element_name = element.get_attribute('name')


# this will raise 'StaleElementReferenceException':
print element.get_attribute('name')

# and this will work:
print element_name
# prints out: 'q'
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That approach will increase the unneccessary code.Because for every element I deal with during the execution I will have to add the additional code.In the events of the EventListener class I had to write the XML logging logic only once. –  Abhijeet Bedagkar Jan 12 '12 at 8:18
my intention to use the EventDriver class is to Get the detailed execution report in XML format.. so do we have any other option to do it.. –  Abhijeet Bedagkar Jan 12 '12 at 8:22

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