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I've started a project in PhoneGap which will utilise Sencha Touch 2.

I tried to change the app name from 'app', since I've heard that conflicts with PhoneGap on Android devices. I altered app.js to main.js and that worked, but then I tried changing the All I got was a white screen after the loading splash, even with the old name Sencha. Debug console shows nothing at all happening, and the document <body> was empty. This happens with both sencha-touch-all.js and sencha-touch-all-debug.js. Test device is an iPad 1G running iOS 4.3.5.

Aside: To debug this issue, I set up weinre on my Mac and added the appropriate <script> tag to index.html. After making that change, though, the app didn't even launch. It hung on the PhoneGap splash png and I got this message from gdb-remote:

error: failed to launch '<app URI>' -- failed to send the qLaunchSuccess packet

The only reference to that message besides its definition in gdb-remote source that I can find is here, and it's unrelated. I managed to get the issue to go away by restarting the iPad and removing build intermediates.

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SOLVED: The issue here was a missing value in the Ext.application definition (key with no associated value), so the whole app definition probably tanked as a result of that. Hence blank screen.

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