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I have my wordpress site and I have installed the dynamic header plugin. I have 5 images in the "header images" directory.

I want to display 3 of that 5 images randomly on a specific page? How will I do this?

I select random media header in my page but it displays all of the 5 images randomly.

What should I do with this to display only that 3 images randomly on my page?

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You may have more luck with this question on – David Segonds Jan 12 '12 at 6:44

I don't think the plugin can do this by default, however you can try and add the following function to your custom-header.php:

function dh_get_random_media_item_filebased($files = array()){
    global $dhnd_image_dir;
    //Open the media directory and add all of the images to an array.
    if($media_dir = opendir($dhnd_image_dir)){
        while ($m_file = readdir($media_dir)) {
            if($m_file != "." && $m_file != ".." && in_array($m_file, $file)){
                $media_array[] = $m_file;
    return $media_array[rand(0,count($media_array)-1)];

Then when you call dh_get_random_media_item_filebased() you would specify the names of the files you would like it to randomize:

$names = array('header1.jpg','header2.jpg','header3.jpg');

In your themes page.php file you could then do something like this:

global $post; //wordpress post global object
if($post->post_type == 'page'){
   $names = array();
   switch($post->post_name) {
     case 'sample-page':
         $names = array('image-1.jpg','image-2.jpg','image-3.jpg');
     case 'sample-page-2':
         $names = array('image-4.jpg','image-5.jpg');
         $names = array('image-1.jpg',
   $images = dh_get_random_media_item_filebased($names);

Of course you could change the $post->post_name in the switch statement to check for and ID or similar i.e $post->ID.

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But I want to display the image 1 on one page, image 2 on other page and then randomly display the remaining three images on another page. – Ahmad Jan 12 '12 at 12:44
@Ahmad - I updated my post, don't know if that helps though. – Cyclone Jan 12 '12 at 12:58
Now what code should I use? As you give me three code snippets. The firs code I will place in the custom-header.php, the second in my theme's header.php and the third in page.php? – Ahmad Jan 13 '12 at 6:17

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