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Probably a super easy solution, but trying to figure out how to find the sum of the 'amount' integer columns that belong to:

@milestones = Milestone.where(:buyer_id => => 'Paid')

I tried <%= @milestones.amount.inject(:+) %> in the view, didn't work.

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Of course, it didn't work. There's no amount on array of Milestones. Try this:
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@milestones = Milestone.where( :buyer_id => ).
                        where( :status   => 'Paid' )


<%= @milestones.sum :amount %>

Or just:

@milestones_sum = Milestone.where( :buyer_id =>,
                                   :status   => 'Paid'
                            sum( :amount )


<%= @milestones_sum %>
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Does the sum method wind up using SQL to create the sum on the database end? If so, then that's probably the best approach since it will return less data and allow the database to do the work at a lower level. – RHSeeger Jan 12 '12 at 15:58
Yes, sum is part of ActiveRecord::Calculations. – Jordan Jan 12 '12 at 22:24

@milestones does not have an amount method because it's not a Milestone— it's an ActiveRecord::Relation or an Array.

You can try, to collect and sum all of the amount numbers in the Rails application.

Or you can use @milestones.sum(:amount) to have ActiveRecord perform the calculation in the database for you, which could be much faster / efficient. Other calculations are also available in ActiveRecord::Calculations::ClassMethods.

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