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I am using Dojo library. How can I replace all the content of my jsp/html content. I am trying to dynamically reload my page when a data is updated.

Here is my dojo code:

function reloadPage() {
 var thisUrl = '/CBS/a/customer/' + customerId + '/profile';

 url: thisUrl,
 load: function (data) {   
   document.body.innerHTML = data;
 error: function (data, ioArgs){
   document.body.innerHTML  = "unknown error";

The server returns a complete html code including the html tags. The data variable holds all the html tags. In my code I did document.body.innerHTML = data;which is wrong because the content of body is replaced by a whole html page. It looks like ajax is working because its updated dynamically but my buttons are not working anymore. Please help.

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Why do you use AJAX if you want to update the whole page? Purpose of using of AJAX - update part of content(page), not updating the whole page. If you want to update the whole page, may be it will be more appropriate to use reload?

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You mean I have to reload the whole page by clicking refresh or using submit instead of button? –  NinjaBoy Jan 12 '12 at 8:22
It depends of your problem. When you want to update the content of page? You can do this, for example, when user click the button(then use submit). –  kiRach Jan 12 '12 at 8:38

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