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I am using FindBugs (version 1.3.9) Eclipse Plugin. I run findbugs and saved findings in XML file. I need to generate HTML Report of the XML report.

Do we have any tool existing?

I want the output to be similar to: http://mevenide.codehaus.org/maven-eclipse-plugin-plugin/findbugs-report.html

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You can use xslt to generate the report from the findbugs.xml.

This post shows how to do that: Findbug - ANT xslt stylesheet source code references

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I don't have experience with the FindBugs Eclipse plugin, but I know that the FindBugs Ant task has an option to have the output get produced in html format. Is there some way to configure the FindBugs Eclipse plugin to produce html output?

FindBugs Ant Task Manual

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