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We are working on an embedded system using a MIPS(broadcom) core. Now i want to patch vendor provided 2.6.31 kernel with apparmor patches. However I cant find them. According to the patches could be found in the Linux git tree at git:// However, that tree cannot be found anymore.(maybe lost after the breach ?)

Where can I find this patch now ?


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2.6.31 is quite old at this point; if you can get your vendor to supply you with newer kernel sources, that'd be best.

If they cannot, you can take the patches from a distribution-provided kernel package from that era -- say, the openSUSE 11.2 kernel source rpm.

The primary AppArmor development repository is hosted on LaunchPad:

The git repository you found was a mirror John made from the LaunchPad repository mainly for his own use. Somewhere along the way it was removed and replaced with:


The aa-next branch contains John's checkins intended for the next release.

There are apparmor tarballs located at the launchpad download page; the 2.5 tarball has patches for 2.6.24, 2.6.25, 2.6.26, 2.6.27, 2.6.28. The 2.5.2 tarball has patches for 2.6.36,, 2.6.37.

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thx ! The launchpad release do not contain 2.6.31 patches, but the opensuse 11.2 rpm does have the patch. i'd like a newer kernel version also, but the upstream vendor does not have his very large patch set for higher kernel versions, unfortunately. – RoccoD Apr 5 '12 at 14:30

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