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I'm creating an object for my database and I found a weird thing, which I don't understand:

I've an object which should reference a "language" by an ID, but this can be null, so my property is a int?(Nullable<int>)

so firstly I tried to use the object initializer:

myObject = new MyObject() 
    myNullableProperty = language == null ? null : language.id;

but it doesn't work! It tell me that null cannot be converted to int

But if I it in a if/else structure, I can put null in a var and then assign it to my properties.

Why is this acting like this?

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Your code won't compile due to syntax error - if it's copy/paste error please correct it by editing. –  Shadow Wizard Jan 12 '12 at 8:46

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You may try casting the null to int? as the ?: operator requires both operands to return the same type:

myNullableProperty = language == null ? (int?)null : language.id
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You could also cast (or lift, or wrap) the other "side" af the colon, like this: language == null ? null : (int?)language.id. –  Jeppe Stig Nielsen May 19 '12 at 11:34

This is because of a type mismatch. You must cast your null value to the int type.

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The reason is, when using the ? operator the left and the right side of the : are required to be from the same type and typeof(null)!=typeof(int) so:

myNullableProperty = language == null ? (int?)null : language.id;
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Most likely null is interpreted as object which obviously can't be assigned to int. You might want to use myNullableProperty = language == null ? (int?)null : language.id;

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Okay, but why if I do it in a if(language==null){languageId = null;}else{...} is working? –  J4N Jan 12 '12 at 11:54

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