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I have a file like that

Some text here, with a %var% .... and other text with the same %var%

Basically, I want to create another file and replace %var% with a variable of my choice. I'm using windows batch (.bat). The user enter the variable.

any ideas?

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If you have some variables in your batch file, something like this:

set var=text
set nextvar=moretext

Then you can export it to a file, choosing to include which variables you want, like this:

echo Some text here, with a %var% or %nextvar% >C:\file.txt
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to complete Bali's answer, for requesting the user to enter the value of the variable..

read HELP SET and then try

SET /P var=Enter some text: 
ECHO Some text here, with a %var% >out.txt
ECHO ... and other text with the same %var% >>out.txt
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