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I have a table containing a defined field called Days1 as decimal(5,2) this table is mapped in edmx file and there's a procedure to insert values to this table.

Whenever I try to insert the value 7.5 with my code

x.Days1 = 7.5;

I get the following error:

"Error converting data type numeric to decimal."

If I execute the procedure with the same value no error occurs. If I put the value 7.51 with my code:

x.Days1 = 7.51

no error appears. I think the problem is with the number of digits after dot. what do I have to do for the value 7.5 how can I send it as 7.50

Stored procedure:

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[proc_EmployeeBalanceInsert]
    @EmployeeBalanceID char(36),
    @EmployeeID char(36),
    @LeaveRegulationID char(36),
    @AttendanceTypeID char(36),
    @BalanceOpenDate datetime,
    @DateFrom datetime,
    @DateTo datetime,
    @BalanceUpToDate datetime = NULL,
    @ValidUntilDate datetime,
    @LeaveTransactionTypeID char(1) ,
    @TransactionSign int = NULL,
    @Days1 decimal(5,2) = NULL,
    @Days2 decimal(5,2) = NULL,
    @Days3 decimal(5,2) = NULL,
    @Days4 decimal(5,2) = NULL,
    @Days5 decimal(5,2) = NULL,
    @System int = NULL,
    @CreationDate datetime = NULL,
    @BatchID char(36) = NULL

    DECLARE @Err int

    INTO [EmployeeBalance]
        [EmployeeBalanceID], [EmployeeID], [LeaveRegulationID],
        [AttendanceTypeID], [BalanceOpenDate], [DateFrom],
        [DateTo], [BalanceUpToDate], [ValidUntilDate],
        [LeaveTransactionTypeID], [TransactionSign], [Days1],
        [Days2], [Days3], [Days4],
        [Days5], [System], [CreationDate],
        @EmployeeBalanceID, @EmployeeID, @LeaveRegulationID,
        @AttendanceTypeID, @BalanceOpenDate, @DateFrom,
        @DateTo, @BalanceUpToDate, @ValidUntilDate,
        @LeaveTransactionTypeID, @TransactionSign, @Days1,
        @Days2, @Days3, @Days4,
        @Days5, @System, @CreationDate,

    SET @Err = @@Error

    RETURN @Err
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What type have you chose for your Days1 property in your EDMX? –  ken2k Jan 12 '12 at 10:40
its decimal the mapping is correct i did the following code and it worked but its something illogical: balance.Days1 = Convert.ToDecimal(balance.Days1.ToString("n2")); –  Mazen313 Jan 12 '12 at 10:52

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i resolved my problem by adding the following code before saving data:

x.Days1 = Convert.ToDecimal(x.Days1.ToString("n2"));
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Try setting your variable to a "true" decimal value:

x.Days1 = 7.5m; // Notice the "m" appended to the value
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the 7.5 is a calculated value i put it here as a constant just to as example –  Mazen313 Jan 12 '12 at 19:02

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