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In jQuery, is is possible to check if var x = [] changes, and then add the contents of the array to a textbox.

So if x contains ["1","2","3"]. My textbox textbox1 value will be "1","2","3"

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If you'd use a function to change the value of x, you don't need a watcher (if it's possible at all). –  Jeffrey Jan 12 '12 at 9:47
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You could do something like this to avoid using a watcher:

var Data = (function () {
    var _x = [],
        $textbox = $("#myTextbox");
    return {
        getX: function () {
            return x;
        setX: function (x) {
            _x = x;
            // Setting 'x' triggers an update

And then set the value of x using Data.setX(x) and get it using Data.getX().

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var myString = myArray.join(',');
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Don't know about watching a variable for a change, unless you create an object that has an "onChange" event, but to show the values in the textbox use this...


The easiest thing would be to have an update function with the above code and just call that everywhere you change the value of x.

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if ($.inArray(x, [1, 2, 3]) != -1) {
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I think that it is not checking for one particular content which is important but to check when the content of x changes... –  Samuel Caillerie Jan 12 '12 at 9:55
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