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I posted recently about the best way to implement RKReachabilityObserver (part of the RestKit project) in my iOS project.

mja kindly informed me that there was a singleton available which I implemented at various points in my application. I set the kBaseUrl to an IP address to avoid DNS issues and tested with the following results:

  • If the IP is reachable and the device has reception, the observer works as expected with only minimal delay.
  • If 3G signal is available but the service can't be reached (happens a lot if you're on Vodafone in the UK), the observer takes a very long time to report its result and occasionally doesn't respond at all.
  • When on WiFi and the network is busy/congested, the same behaviour as above is noted.

Is there anything I can do to improve the reliability of the RKReachabilityObserver from my end, perhaps via an alternative implementation?

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You can always try to use the Reachability example by Apple. The class provides both getter and notification mechanism to determine and observe the changes in device's reachability status.

As for the RKReachabilityObserver, i think there is still work underway to enhance the operation. Can you indicate which iOS version do you run on the device?

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Thanks. I'm using iOS 5 on the device. Is there an open case somewhere on github? I couldn't find one. – Nick Jan 12 '12 at 13:16
here is the discussion in google group. – mja Jan 12 '12 at 13:50

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