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I am making a search criterion where it should search for inputted value (at least partial search). An example is given below. It searches only for words starting with EXACT match . But I want to make it to search for both caps and smalls...

$matched_list =array('India','Pakistan','Ausis');
$m=preg_grep('/'.$rr.'/', $matched_list);

It searches only for "India" and not for "india"....!!!!

What to do to make it to search for "india" also...?????/

Thanks in advance..

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Very easy, just add a i (for case insensitive) after the closing /:

$m=preg_grep('/'.$rr.'/i', $matched_list); 

Also, as a minor note. Your expression "In" would also match on "China" and others having the match somewhere in between. If this isn't intended, you'll have to tell it to look at the beginning only:

$rr="^In"; // ^ will match the beginning of the string or a line (depending on the settings)
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