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i have a lot of string which contains also number like : LOD140IXAL COMP 1X240GG

I would like to put whitespace between numbers and word if there isn't. the number could be every where in the string.

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One way to do this is using regular expressions. Replacing the following monster with a single space should do the trick:


When applied to your example (LOD140IXAL COMP 1X240GG), it produces LODIXAL COMP 1 X 240 MG.

In a nutshell, the regex looks for a letter immediately followed by a digit, or a digit immediately followed by a letter, and inserts a space between them. To achieve this, it uses zero-width assertions (lookahead and lookbehind).

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I think you want something like

myString.replaceAll( "(\\d)([A-Za-z])", "\\1 \\2" );
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