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i want to use the LongListSelector to groupe a list of entries alphabetically. acutally i'm unsing a normal ListBox and it looks like:

  • Andhed
  • Bdihed
  • Cndie

I want to groupe all items like:

  • A
  • Andhed
  • B
  • Bdihed
  • C
  • Cndie

I know i can do it with the LongListSelector the problem is, that i dont want to change my data, its a simple List<String> is this possible? i dont want to add a additional structure like a groupe (e.g. A) which contains the items (e.g. Andhed).

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With the LongListSelector you have to group your data before associating it with the control. This isn't so bad, especially if you use patterns such as Model-View-ViewModel.

As an alternative, I have written a jump list control which is presented here:


With this control you use a CategoryProvider, which will group the data in your list:

  <!-- category provider - details how the items are grouped -->
    <l:AlphabetCategoryProvider PropertyName="Surname"/>
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