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I just added 3 applications to my page using:[appid]&next=[siteurl]

That all works fine, it redirects me to the [siteurl].

However, the apps don't show up on the page. In "Edit Page" -> "Apps" the apps also aren't visible.

Any idea what causes this?


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It could be that the app is in sandbox mode and the account you're checking the "edit page -> apps" section does not have a role within your app, so they can't see it.

The dialog could also be failing. It's fairly recent and I've spotted bugs with it already. Try using, replacing APP_ID with your app's ID, to see if that's working.

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Fixed it!

The problem was that I defined the secure page url, but not the non-secure page url (while we don't use the non-secure page url anymore?)...

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