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I am working on a multi backend webapp on Tomcat 6 (with Java 6). I am using spring-security (3.1.0.RELEASE) with LDAP to check the login-password and a custom populator to get the roles from my database. Everything works.

I also use Pretty-faces 3.3.2 to parse the URLs.

My populator looks like

public abstract class MyAuthoritiesPopulator implements LdapAuthoritiesPopulator {

private UserService userService;

public final Collection<? extends GrantedAuthority> getGrantedAuthorities(DirContextOperations userData, String username) {
    final List<GrantedAuthority> authorities = newArrayList();
    return authorities;

In my webapp, I use the URL to choose the target backend.

My URLs look like www.mycorp.com/mywebapp/myaction/mylang/mybackend/someotherparam... For example, if mybackend parameter equals "45" then I get the SIMPLE_USER role. If mybackend parameter equals "32" then I get the ADMIN and TRANSLATOR roles. etc.

As soon as I am connected (ie. login-password are ok with the LDAP), I can switch from one backend to an other, just changing the URL. But how can I ask Spring-security to reload (ie. repopulate) the roles, depending on the mybackend parameter.

Thx for help. Th.

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