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I am trying to time the performance of code in package "" (has class R1, R2,..), as well as code in the subpackages,

  • (has classes A1, A2,..)

I wrote the pointcut similar to the following. I am able to view the running time for classes A1, A2, but I am unable to view the running time for classes R1, R2, etc.

<bean id="timingAdvice"
      class="org.springframework.aop.interceptor.PerformanceMonitorInterceptor" />
    pointcut="execution(**.*(..)) OR 
    advice-ref="timingAdvice" />

Please could anyone help? Thanks in advance.

P.S.: I have already tried following the suggestions posted here.

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I don't see any error in your pointcut at first glance, but I think what you need is easier done with a combination of the "within" pointcut expression and the "execution" expression.

Try something like this:

pointcut="within(*) AND 
              execution(* *(..))"

This is a pointcut for method execution for all methods in the package

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To build on K.C.'s answer...

I had a similar problem configuring the Spring PerformanceMonitorInterceptor. Here is an example working configuration that I used for monitoring method execution in several packages:

<bean id="performanceMonitor"
  class="org.springframework.aop.interceptor.PerformanceMonitorInterceptor" />

  <aop:pointcut id="allCoreMethods" expression="
           within( org.somepackage.dao..* ) 
        or within( org.somepackage.controller..* )
        or within( org.somepackage.service..* )
        or within( org.somepackage.webservices..* )
      AND execution(* *(..))"
  <aop:advisor pointcut-ref="allCoreMethods" advice-ref="performanceMonitor" order="2"/>
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