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So I read up online about this.

Since I am working with codes and assets that are external (external AS-files, png's, library linkage to external AS-files), I understand that I need to make sure my Assets and Actionscript code is exported beyond FRAME 1, so I need to change the Actionscript settings "Export Classes in Frame: " (Publish Settings, Actionscript Settings) to Frame 2. Which I have done. This is to ensure that nothing in the library is loaded in the first frame.

Next I added an Asset holder movieclip that holds ALL of my Library assets. So I dragged all of my Library assets into this new Movieclip. Then I placed this movieclip (called AssetHolder) into the SECOND frame of my main timeline. This is also to ensure that my assets ACTUALLY get exported and I placed this AssetHolder on the 2nd frame to ensure that it DOESN't get loaded in the FIRST frame.

All this because I need the preloader to be Loaded and be VISIBLE in the first frame, before anything else is shown.

Now all of this should work, but when I test run my .swf in the Flash IDE, and I turn on Bandwidth Profiler (to see in what frame the most amount of bytes are loaded), it shows that the 2nd frame DOES have a lot of bytes (all the assets and code that we exported into that frame), but it STILL shows that the FIRST frame has the MOST bytes to be loaded. And I think this is because I have Embeded png's in a Class that is related to my Main Document class.

So my Main Document class calls on another class that has Embeded images. And I assume all this happens in the first frame so these Embeded images are loaded immediately in the first frame.

But this creates a problem since I want preloader to be in the first frame, and if the Embeded images load onto that frame, then the preloader won't be shown until these Big Embeded images are loaded. Which essentially will just show a white screen instead of a preloader.

The reason I have Embeded images is because I use copyPixel to copy tiles from a tileSheet into a bitmapData. Essentially I am blitting the tiles for my leves onto the stage.

So is there a way that I can NOT make the Embeded images load onto that first frame? Or is there another way I can setup my files in order to have this internal Preloader created?

I have tried to be as clear as a novice programmer can be, hope it's comprehensible.

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I can think of two possible solutions : 1 - Underneath the 'export for Actionscript checkbox' make sure to uncheck 'Export in first frame'. 2 - Make sure that the class that creates the bitmap is only called after the preloader has completed. –  cmann Jan 13 '12 at 7:03
@cmann Hey thanks, I actually did uncheck those boxes and that help me progress forward. But I cannot instantiate the class after the preloader, because it is the Main Document class. I tried instatiating it on another frame but the whole game system fell apart (bad structure from my part, but its too late to rewrite everything). –  user774858 Jan 13 '12 at 15:04

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