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I'm working on a simple application with Glassfish and OSGI. I found this tutorial: http://blogs.oracle.com/arungupta/entry/totd_154_dynamic_osgi_services I modified the example. You can find my customized example file: http://uploading.com/files/cf1ffd63/test.zip/ I created EAR package with web module and EJB module. I created a session bean which calls the OSGI bundle. I successfully compiled the project. The problem is that when i uploaded the packages into Glassfish application server and tried to open the simple applet into the web module this error message appears:

HTTP Status 500 -

type Exception report


descriptionThe server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.


java.lang.ClassCastException: Cannot cast org.glassfish.web.loader.WebappClassLoader to org.osgi.framework.BundleReference

note The full stack traces of the exception and its root causes are available in the GlassFish Server Open Source Edition 3.1.1 logs.
GlassFish Server Open Source Edition 3.1.1

Maybe the problem is missing dependency. I can't find the problem? Do you have any idea what may be the problem?

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Post the full stacktrace from the Glassfish logs. –  Danny Thomas Jan 12 '12 at 11:45
this is the error stack pastebin.com/FNaTd9jP –  Peter Penzov Jan 12 '12 at 12:09

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Section 3.8.9 of the OSGi Core 4.2 spec (org.osgi.framework;version=1.5) requires that all bundle class loaders must implement the BundleReference interface. Perhaps the class loader in GlassFish does not do this? What version of the OSGi Core spec does your version of GlassFish support?

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You shouldn'tdeploy the app as an ear, both modules must be deployed separately as OSGi bundles

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The problem is that I'm developing an application which uses JNI. As far as I know only EAR package can contain resource adapter in order to make java->C bridge. Is it possible to develop WAR archive which can invoke JNI? –  Peter Penzov Jan 14 '12 at 15:30
Your resource adapter can also be deployed as a module, likely non-osgi one. –  pdudits Jan 14 '12 at 20:40
It turns out that EAR package cannot call methods from OSGI bundle by design. Here if someone wants he can vote for this: java.net/jira/browse/GLASSFISH-6741 –  Peter Penzov Jan 15 '12 at 10:30
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If I understand you correctly the version of the OSGI is the problem. In the web module I have declared this:


Do I need to add something else?

p.s I use Glassfish 3.1.1 - latest version. The is the list with the installed components:

 Source         Button to include column Source in sort.
felix           OSGi Service Platform Release 4     3.0.8-0     999KB   stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-appclient     Application Servers     3.1.1-12    1MB     stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-cluster   Application Servers     3.1.1-12    1MB     stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-cmp       Application Servers     3.1.1-12    2MB     stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-common    Application Servers     3.1.1-12    10MB    stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-common-full   Application Servers     3.1.1-12    210KB   stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-corba     Application Servers     3.1.0-30    2MB     stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-corba-base    Application Servers     3.1.0-30    794KB   stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-ejb       Application Servers     3.1.1-12    298KB   stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-ejb-lite  Application Servers     3.1.1-12    942KB   stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-full-incorporation    Application Servers     3.1.1-12    37KB    stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-full-profile  Application Servers     3.1.1-12    37KB    stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-grizzly   Application Servers     1.9.36-1    1007KB  stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-grizzly-full  Application Servers     1.9.36-1    163KB   stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-gui       Application Servers     3.1.1-12    8MB     stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-ha        Application Servers     3.1.1-12    53KB    stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-hk2       Application Servers     3.1.1-12    1MB     stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-javahelp  Application Servers     2.0.2-1     586KB   stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-jca       Application Servers     3.1.1-12    1MB     stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-jcdi      Application Servers     3.1.1-12    2MB     stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-jdbc      Application Servers     3.1.1-12    922KB   stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-jms       Application Servers     3.1.1-12    4MB     stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-jpa       Application Servers     3.1.1-12    5MB     stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-jsf       Application Servers     2.1.3-4     2MB     stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-jta       Application Servers     3.1.1-12    110KB   stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-jts       Application Servers     3.1.1-12    424KB   stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-management    Application Servers     3.1.1-12    334KB   stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-nucleus   Application Servers     3.1.1-12    3MB     stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-osgi-feature-pack     Application Servers     3.1.1-12    37KB    contrib.glassfish.org
glassfish-osgi-gui  Application Servers     3.1.1-12    656KB   contrib.glassfish.org
glassfish-osgi-http     Application Servers     3.1.1-12    66KB    stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-osgi-incorporation    Application Servers     3.1.1-12    37KB    contrib.glassfish.org
glassfish-registration  Application Servers     3.1.1-12    135KB   stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-upgrade   Application Servers     3.1.1-12    139KB   stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-web       Application Servers     3.1.1-12    3MB     stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-web-incorporation     Application Servers     3.1.1-12    37KB    stable.glassfish.org
glassfish-web-profile   Application Servers     3.1.1-12    37KB    stable.glassfish.org
javadb-client       Databases and Tools  527KB   stable.glassfish.org
javadb-common       Databases and Tools  60KB    stable.glassfish.org
javadb-core         Databases and Tools  4MB     stable.glassfish.org
jersey          Web Services    1.9-1.18    2MB     stable.glassfish.org
metro           Web Services    2.1.1-9     16MB    stable.glassfish.org
mq-bin-exe      Message-Oriented Middleware     4.5.1-3.2   297KB   stable.glassfish.org
mq-bin-sh       Message-Oriented Middleware     4.5.1-3.2   85KB    stable.glassfish.org
mq-config-gf        Message-Oriented Middleware     4.5.1-3.2   60KB    stable.glassfish.org
mq-core         Message-Oriented Middleware     4.5.1-3.2   4MB     stable.glassfish.org
mq-server       Message-Oriented Middleware     4.5.1-3.2   6MB     stable.glassfish.org
pkg             System Tools    1.122.2-54.2834     6MB     stable.glassfish.org
pkg-java        System Tools    1.122-54.2834   652KB   stable.glassfish.org
pkg-toolkit-incorporation   System Tools    2.3.4-54.2834   0KB     stable.glassfish.org
python2.4-minimal   System Tools     6MB     stable.glassfish.org
shoal           Application Servers     1.5.34-0    536KB   stable.glassfish.org
updatetool      System Tools    2.3.4-54.2834   4MB     stable.glassfish.org
wxpython2.8-minimal     System Tools    24MB    stable.glassfish.org
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Is there anyone who can help me? I'm struggling with this problem more than two weeks. Please help me. –  Peter Penzov Jan 13 '12 at 8:57

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