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When I try to compile code on VS 2005 and it fails, the line which causes the error gets underlined blue, and mouse-hovering over it displays the error message. Fine, but you can't see object types or whatever, because Intellisense will show the error message, and not object info.

In this image, I wanted to see what type DateTime.Subtract() returns, but VS insists on showing the error message:

alt text

Does anyone know how to get the error message out of the way, once you've got enough of it?

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By the way, took me some time to notice that Subtract(TimeSpan) returns a DateTime and Subtract(DateTime) returns a TimeSpan :-) – André Neves Sep 17 '08 at 22:33
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Select "Build|Clean Solution" - this cleans up intermediate files and other things. More importantly, it also clears the list of error messages, restoring normal behaviour of Intellisense.

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Cut the first part of the line ("DateTime duracao = ") into the clipboard, then you should be able to hover over "Subtract" and see the return type. Not ideal, but I find myself doing it all the time!

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ctrl-space inside the parens

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Doesn't help. What if I wanted to know the type of Value? – André Neves Sep 17 '08 at 22:37

I just found that the equivalent to mouse hovering is View -> IntelliSense -> Quick Info. If the solution does not arise here, I'll just use the shortcut Ctrl+K, Ctrl+I.

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Problem with this one: F1 still goes to the documentation of the error, not of whatever else I want. – André Neves Sep 17 '08 at 22:53

Since duracao is a DateTime, and the error message is 'cannot convert Timespan to DateTime' - you can already see the subtract function is returning a Timespan

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