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my requirement is that i have to count occurrence of a certain date and between two months suppose i have 10-jan-2012 now i have a date range 1-jan-2012 between 1-feb-2013 my requirement is that if i find 10-jan between 1-jan-2012 between 1-feb-2013 irrespective of year i know that 10-jan will come twice between 1-jan-2012 between 1-feb-2013 i am not understanding how to do this.i meanto say that i have to compare only day and month part of the date which will solve my problem

any help will be great hint for me

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Here is how I would do it (if I understood the problem correctly):

Private Function GetCount(ByVal firstDate As DateTime, ByVal lastDate As DateTime, ByVal toFind As DateTime) As Integer

    Dim count = 0

    For i As Integer = firstDate.Year To lastDate.Year

        Dim current = New Date(i, toFind.Month, toFind.Day)

        If firstDate < current AndAlso current < lastDate Then
            count += 1
        End If


    Return count

End Function
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