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i need to trigger a notification. this notification has to be triggered every third monday of every month.

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Try using dayofweek and dayofmonth functions. http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/date-and-time-functions.html#function_dayofweek

Somehow you can check how many weeks are there from 1st of month to curdate() with dayofmonth (using an operation mod 7), and dayofweek should be 5 (thursday)

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Just thinking aloud, but wouldn't any day with dayofmonth between 15 and 21 (both included) be the third occurrence of that day of week in the month in question? –  Monolo Jan 12 '12 at 13:06
Yes I guess you are right. So the solution is to get dayofweek number 5 where dayofmonth between 15 and 21. –  de3 Jan 12 '12 at 16:05
  DAYOFWEEK(NOW()) = 2  
AS send_notice_today;
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The date of the third monday of the current month would be given by the SQL statement:

SELECT date_add(date_sub(curdate(),INTERVAL dayofmonth(curdate())-1 DAY), 
    INTERVAL (7-weekday(date_sub(curdate(),INTERVAL dayofmonth(curdate())-1 DAY)))+14 DAY)
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The approach that I'm taking is get the 1st Monday of the month, and depending on when in the month it is, add either 2 or 3 weeks to it (since when it falls out before/on Monday, you only need to walk 2 more weeks):

 filler as (select row_number() over (order by a) a from (select top 100 1 as a from syscolumns) a cross join (select top 100 1 as b from syscolumns) b),
 dates as (select dateadd(month, a-1, '1/1/1900') date from filler where a <= 2000),
 FirstMonday as (
 select dateadd(day, case   datepart(weekday,Date)
                            when 1 then 1
                            when 2 then 0
                            when 3 then 6
                            when 4 then 5
                            when 5 then 4
                            when 6 then 3
                            when 7 then 2
                        end, Date) as Date
        ,case when datepart(weekday,Date) = 1 then 3 else 2 end as Weeks
 from   dates
 select dateadd(week, Weeks, Date) as ThirdMonday
 from FirstMonday
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