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I have a compiled jar file which is a compiled applet. I have the parameters and name of the class with the init method to start the applet.

I have installed jd-eclipse and would like to debug the applet in eclipse?

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It should be pretty straightforward to do. Assuming at least Eclipse Galileo:

  • Create a project in Eclipse and add your applet jar(s) to its build path. Alternatively you may choose to add the applet jar(s) to the build path of an existing project.
  • Right-click your project, select Run As->Run Configurations Select Java Applet in the left hand pane and click the New button at the top of the pane

Eclipse Run-As Configuration - Applet

  • At the top, fill out a name for the new Run configuration, then on the Main tab click to Search for your applet class.
  • On the Parameters tab, fill out all parameters from your existing Applet HTML page.
  • Optionally, fill out any additional information you want the Applet to have when it runs, on the other configuration tabs
  • When done, click Apply, then optionally Run to fire off the test right away.

Good luck!

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