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How to pass parameter in MDX query. Below is my mdx qyery----

    NON EMPTY FILTER({ ( [Tbl Electricity].[Transaction Id].[Transaction Id] ) },  [Measures].[From Year]=2011 and [Measures].[To Month]=[Measures].[To Month].&['+@month+' ]) ON ROWS,
    NON EMPTY { [Measures].[From Year], [Measures].[To Year], [Measures].[To Month], [Measures].[From Month], [Measures].[Total Cost], [Measures].[Quantity] } ON COLUMNS

In above query, I am comparing [From Year] by 2011 and I would like to compare [To Month] dimension with my parameter @month.

By running above query I am getting below error

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This depends on the client or reporting tool you're using. XMLA protocol support MDX parameters ( @month ).

However you need a client / library supporting this feature. What tool are you using ?

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