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I would like to make the handle of my slider scale to give a visual que of the range of the slider (like the scrollbar in most browsers for example).

Did a bit of googling and the answer seems to be to modify the .ui-slider-handle class.

I have done this and the handle now runs way off the end: Example This is the code I am using to set up the slider:

var range = 2 + Math.floor(Math.random() * 10);

$('#slider').slider({max: range});

$('.ui-slider-handle').width($('#slider').width() / range);

Also here is a link to live example:

It's as if the library is assuming the old width of the slider, does anyone have any suggestions to accomplish what I want? I'd rather avoid having to hack the jquery ui core library.

Thanks in advance

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The problem is in the core of the slider. To move it jQueryUI changes its "left" style from 0% to 100%. The original slide also goes beyond the end, but you dont notice because its a narrow one. Doing it wider you really start to notice that it starts growing begining at 100% of left...

As you can read here: , there is no built-in solution.

But they point to a solution that: This is done by setting the margin-left variably (between 0 and handle-width) as the handle slides from slider min to slider max.


More info on the subject:

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Wow, thanks for the additional information, that side-scroll example is pretty buggy though, at a glance when I switch tabs it can slide off the gutter, clicking on the gutter is gitchy doesn't play nice with IE7 or IE9... – Chris Jan 12 '12 at 13:17
Also can't believe they are claiming "This is as designed.", what could possibly be gained by such a poor design decision? – Chris Jan 12 '12 at 13:18

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