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I am very new to Linux operating system and unable to install softwares necessary for my work.

when i use the command

"pass=lucy& sequence=UGCCUGGCGGCCUUAGCGCGGUGGUCCCACCUGACCCCAUGCCGAACUCAGAAGUGAAACGCCGUAGCGCCGAUGGUAGUGUGGGGUCUCCCCAUGCGAGAGUAGGGAACUGCCAGGCAU&mask=((((((((((.........((((....)))).((((((((((.....(((....)))...(((((.......))))).))))))))))..(((.(((....))))))..)))))))))).&convert=true&explore=7&name=5S_rRNA"
./mcfold.static.exe > 5S_rRNA.data 

Its showing the command setnev doesnot exist. How to set environment variable? I am using ubuntu 10.4

Please help!

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setenv works only in the CShell. If you are using BASH then use the command export

export QUERY_STRING="pass=lucy&sequence=UGCCUGGCGGCCUUAGCGCGGUGGUCCCACCUGACCCCAUGCCGAACUCAGAAGUGAAACGCCGUAGCGCCGAUGGUAGUGUGGGGUCUCCCCAUGCGAGAGUAGGGAACUGCCAGGCAU&mask=((((((((((.........((((....)))).((((((((((.....(((....)))...(((((.......))))).))))))))))..(((.(((....))))))..)))))))))).&convert=true&explore=7&name=5S_rRNA"

./mcfold.static.exe > 5S_rRNA.data 
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ya @Dyonisos i have used export command also, its not showing any error instead its not printing the output in the file 5S_rRNA.data –  user1083096 Jan 12 '12 at 13:17
Did you consider: MC-Fold accesses it's databases through the open instruction: open( MCFOLD-DB/* ) so make sure that the MCFOLD-DB folder is accessible from where MC-Fold is launched. ? –  Dyonisos Jan 12 '12 at 13:30

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