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I want to send some keys to a game by SendInput API on C#. (My environment is Windows 7 64bit)

I wrote some codes as follows:

   static extern int SendInput(int nInputs, INPUT[] pInputs, int cbSize);       

    private struct MOUSEINPUT
        public int dx;
        public int dy;
        public uint mouseData;
        public uint dwFlags;
        public uint time;
        public IntPtr dwExtraInfo;

    private struct KEYBDINPUT
        public short wVk;
        public short wScan;
        public int dwFlags;
        public int time;            
        public IntPtr dwExtraInfo;

    private struct HARDWAREINPUT
        public uint uMsg;
        public ushort wParamL;
        public ushort wParamH;

    private struct INPUT
        public uint type;
        public MOUSEINPUT mi;
        public KEYBDINPUT ki;
        public HARDWAREINPUT hi;

    public static void WalkFront()
        INPUT[] inputs = new INPUT[1];

        Keys virtualKeycode = (Keys)0x15;            

        inputs[0].type = INPUT_KEYBOARD;            
        inputs[0].ki.wVk = (short)virtualKeycode;
        inputs[0].ki.wScan = (short)MapVirtualKey((int)virtualKeycode, 0);            
        inputs[0].ki.dwFlags = KEYEVENTF_SCANCODE;            
        inputs[0].ki.time = 0;
        inputs[0].ki.dwExtraInfo = GetMessageExtraInfo();

        SendInput(1, inputs, Marshal.SizeOf(inputs[0]));        

However it does not work correctly.

Apparently, this code can send BackSpace to the game. In fact, this code can delete a character on Notepad.exe.

Bizarrely, this code only sends BackSpace to the applications. I changed the keycode (I tried 0x14, 0x13, 0x12...etc) in this code. However, this code only sends BackSpace

I want to send another key (J, K, L...etc) to applications but I could not.

Any advices? Thanks

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What is the value of inputs[0].ki.wScan before the SendInput call is made? Is the MapVirtualKey function succeeding, or returning 0? –  Cody Gray Jan 12 '12 at 12:50
You are mixing up virtual keys and scan codes. Virtual key 0x15 is only available on Japanese keyboards. 0x15 is however the scan code for the backspace key. Do consider using the .NET SendKeys class. –  Hans Passant Jan 12 '12 at 15:38
Thank you for your advices. I try to .NET SendKeys class however, I can not send keys to a game. Probability, the game use DirectInput so I think that I have to use low-level API such as SendInputs. –  user1145477 Jan 12 '12 at 22:38
MapVirtualKey function is returning 0 –  user1145477 Jan 12 '12 at 22:57
This is why it's important to check return values. If MapVirtualKey is returning 0, then that means there's no translation from the virtual key code that you're passing it to a scan code. This is clear from the documentation, specifically the "Return value" section. Since that function isn't working, your call to SendInput isn't working. –  Cody Gray Jan 13 '12 at 0:22

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Remember that a keypress event consists of a key-down and after that a key-up event. That means to "send a backspace" you need to call SendInput twice, once with the key pressed, once with the key released. If you fail to call SendInput with the key released, subsequent key presses will most likely be ignored by most apps.

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