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My wxWidgets app (a game editor) interfaces with a game lib that should be used in a loop-based approach. The game lib has a method, mainLoop(), to be called N times per second. The game editor UI allow the users to do things that can change the state of the game lib. I want to avoid that this happens when the mainLoop() is called. Users should be able to change the state of the game lib (adding-removing things and so on) only when the mainLoop() method is 'running'.

How can i do this? The game editor is written for Windows platforms. I have seen a class called wxEventLoopBase, but i have not found anything useful about it (code examples).

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Did you really mean change the state of the lib when the loop is running? Or when it's not running, which would seem to make more sense? –  araqnid Jan 13 '12 at 10:49

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You might look at wxTimer where you can specify a timer callback every so many milliseconds or look at implementing an OnIdle method where you can call the mainloop when there are not any GUI events to process.

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