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I am using Vim with Janus and I have snipMate installed to handle various code snippets.

I changed one of these snippets and would like to see the change in my current vim window, without restarting Vim.

I tried sourcing:


to no avail. What am I doing wrong?

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OK, I wrote a slightly mean smart ass answer that contained this command lifted from SnipMate's doc:

:exec ReloadAllSnippets()<CR>

which works in the original SnipMate but I thought "What if Janus used the new SnipMate instead?".

Indeed, it's using the new SnipMate where this function has been removed.

I've read somewhere that the new SnipMate is loading snippets lazily so it's possible that reloading your current buffer (:e<CR>) is enough.

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