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I want to create HTML Pages containing addresses that should be detected by the Mobile Safari automatically to allow a quick connection/linking to the address book (for example: to allow creating new address book entries)

I have tried several basic formats but did not yet found a working solution.

Is this even possible and if so, what format should an address have to be able to be detected?

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In short you can't. Please see the Apple URL scheme on the Safari Developer Library for more information on what is supported.

But you can't cheat a bit by offering your visitors to get your Vcard file sent by email (The iOS mail app supports this).

There is a good article and interesting comments on the Code Train blog.


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The email alternative is what I am already doing but was looking for real solution, no workaround. For some reasons I didn't find the documentation you linked when I was looking for it, thank you for linking! :-) –  favo May 31 '12 at 16:14

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