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In order to debug I would like to dump certain variables on to my web page. How can I do that from inside a cfscript tag?

I tried the following but it isn't working:

  <cfif cgi.REMOTE_ADDR eq "IP">
    <cfdump var="#var1#"><br/>

Any clues on what can be done?

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You can't do it directly like that in versions before CF 9. You can, however, use the dump() UDF found at CFLib. There's a whole library of UDFs there that mimic CF tags that don't have direct CFSCRIPT equivalents.

ColdFusion 9 (and up) offers the writeDump() function.

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use writeDump() like how you use writeOutput()

see writeDump on CF 9 reference

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This works perfectly for me in all situations so far. –  JimP Jun 15 '11 at 17:36

It would be fairly easy to write your own too. You just define a function in cfml rather than cfscript. You can use this to do cfaborts and cfloops as well.

Something like this (Off the top of my head...not executed).

    <CFDUMP VAR="#Obj#">
  if(cgi.REMOTE_ADDR eq "IP"){
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Isn't the following much easier and straightforward?

oAdmin = createObject("component", "cfide.adminapi.base");

It works on CF7 and forward, perhaps even earlier.

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<cffunction name="setAbort" access="private" returntype="void" output="false">
 <cfdump var="#arguments#"/><cfabort>
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For dump we use Writedump(myvar); instead of in cfscript and same we use abort; instead of for exit the execution of program at any instance.we use writeoutput(); instead of


below is the code for dump and abort in cfscript.

writedump(myvar); for dump

abort; for stop execution of programm 

writeoutput(myvar); for output within cfscript
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