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I am stuck with a problem in SVG blending mode. I have four paths in SVG and I want to composite them with formula: (1*2) + (3*4), i.e. Path 1 and Path 2 should be blended using multiply mode, similarly path 3 and path 4 should be blended using multiply and then they should be combined together using screen blending mode to produce the final image. Any help/reference will be much appreciated.

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The only way to do this right now is by using SVG filters. There are the feBlend and feComposite filter primitives that let you do this.

There's a specification for SVG Compositing, but that's in its early stages, and not yet implemented.

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I know feBlend can work on background image. But in my case, I want to use feBlend on paths 3 and 4, independent of the background. How is this possible? – Aarkan Jan 13 '12 at 6:39

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