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I'm using cocos2d-x [lua binding] to port my cocos2d [objective-c] game and I had few classes subclassed. For example I've got a subclass of CCScene [nevermind what it does], which has a onEnter method. In my subclass, KCCScene I also had onEnter and there I called [super onEnter].

So I've read quite a few docs describing inheritance in Lua, but I have never seen a call to the super method.

Is it possible to do? If it is, how should I do something like super:onEnter() ?


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In Lua you don't have a standard OO library. You can implement one using the tools Lua offers, but how it works, and what it is capable of, entirely depends on the implementation at hand. I suggest you take a look in the docs of the binding to see what API they offer. –  jpjacobs Jan 12 '12 at 13:50
I don't want to use any library. Just want to use the metatables etc. –  Krystian Jan 12 '12 at 18:23
You're already using a library, namely these cocos2d-x Lua bindings. I just meant to suggest looking at the OOP Lua API cocos2d offers. –  jpjacobs Jan 13 '12 at 7:52

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It really depends on the particular way on which you are doing OO. Some libs provide an "out of the box" way of doing super, others don't. I'm not familiar with Cocos2d-x, but I think it doesn't have one.

A way to achieve that is to use the superclass directly, like this:

function KCCScene:onEnter()

That should work with all libs doing OO, including Cocos2d-x. However, you lose the nice ":" syntax, and you need to include an explicit "self" parameter.

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oh man... that's SO obvious! Changing : to .! Thanks a lot! –  Krystian Jan 12 '12 at 18:23
I'm probably shouting into the void, commenting on a two year old question, but can anyone help with why dot notation i.e. - CCScene.onEnter(self) works here, but semicolon notation i.e. - CCScene:onEnter() doesn't? I've tried both styles and the dot notation does seem to be needed - but I thought these two styles were strictly the same and the semicolon was just syntactic sugar? –  teapot7 May 3 at 5:50
Aha - I get it now. PLease ignore previous. –  teapot7 May 3 at 9:10

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