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I am working on iPad application. My problem is I am not getting proper orientation in my first view controller. I have checked shouldAutorotate function as well. App gets proper orientation if i move device horizontally or vertically. But I can see springboard is in landscape mode and even Application Splash screen is Landscape but still my first view controller appears in portrait. I am not able to find solution for this. Is any one having idea about this??

I am not able to find the cause of this issue.

And one more issue is I have created my application 1 year ago with xcode 3.2 and now I am using xcode 4.2 now I am facing some interesting message on my console when app starts "Applications are expected to have a root view controller at the end of application launch". My app is having navigation controller and I am adding it no window.

Any one is having idea about self.window.rootViewController property?? How can I solve this warning?

Thank you in advance

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For the orientation problem, see this question:

For the Xcode 3 vs Xcode 4 issue with root view controller, that will be that you're not setting the rootViewController property of your UIWindow. You need to either hook it up in IB or set it in your applicationDidFinishLaunching, probably like this:

self.window.rootViewController = self.navController; ///< Assuming your navigation controller is called `navController'
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