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I am experimenting with the GeoLocation speed reading on mobile device browsers, and it would be great if there existed list of devices that support it. Searching didn't help a lot.

So far, I've tested a few Android 2.3 (those I tried give an accurate speed reading), IPhone 3 and 3G (both return null), IPad (returns null). What I'm more interested in, is this tied to the API implementation or the gps hardware in the device? Also, does IPhone 4 support the coords.speed reading?

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NB: you could always fake this by taking multiple location readings, and doing the math. It will be imprecise though. –  Piskvor Jan 12 '12 at 14:29
Already tried that. While it works in some cases, most times the accuracy is just bad - with errors as big as four kilometers in the distance, making the speed error even worse. –  dbozhinovski Jan 12 '12 at 14:46
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According to the spec, an implementation must return null if speed reading is not supported. Seems like they do that, but some people on the internet say the iOS browser implemented the speed API, at least in watchPosition, see eg. these pages.

From the spec, I would also assume that you cannot reliably tell whether a null value means 'No API support' or 'No GPS support'. It could mean either.

In any case, I think you're better off implementing fallbacks and a user-friendly notice the device isn't giving you any information, rather than whitelisting/blacklisting... based on what? UA strings aren't everything, especially not what with Android's ability to have alternative browsers (eg. Firefox Mobile, Opera, ...).

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