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I am inheriting my own DataGridView (say MyDataGridView) from the standard DataGridView control. What I want is that certain properties of MyDataGridView should have a different default value than what its base have. For example, AllowUserToAddRows, AllowUserToDeleteRows, AllowUserToResizeRows properties should have the default values of False; so that when I drag MyDataGridView into a form in the IDE, the default values shown in the properties grid should be False. Later on, if I want to change them to True from the grid, they will be set accordingly.

Is it possible somehow?

Please note that I don't want to set the default value of any custom property in MyDataGridView but the properties mentioned above that are derived from the base.


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Let's say that you want to change AllowUserToAddRows to be false by default. You need to

  • introduce AllowUserToAddRows as an override of the base property. Just delegate get and set calls to base implementation
  • add [DefaultValue(false)] as an attribute of the property
  • set the property to false in MyDataGridView constructor
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