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I have an application that allows users to upload files. Some of these files may be quite large. Because of this, I want to chunk up the file (if possible) and monitor its upload progress. Currently, I have a basic HTML form that posts back to my MVC controller

public ActionResult UploadFile(IEnumerable<HttpPostedFileBase> files)
  // Save file here.
  HttpStatusCodeResult result = new HttpStatusCodeResult(200);
  return result;

This approach allows me to upload a file. However, this appoach is one single opeation. I need to be able to kick off an upload and monitor its progress. Uploadify will not work in my case because it uses Flash. I have a strict No-Flash requirement.

I'm open to a hybrid approach where, if the user's browser supports HTML 5, I would use the File API, otherwise, I would use my current approach. However, even with HTML 5, I'm not sure how to kick off an upload and monitor its progress.

Can someone help me out?


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You may take a look at Valums AJAX upload. Personally I have used it many times and am very satisfied with it.


  • multiple file select, progress-bar in FF, Chrome, Safari
  • drag-and-drop file select in FF, Chrome
  • uploads are cancellable
  • no external dependencies
  • doesn't use Flash
  • fully working with https
  • keyboard support in FF, Chrome, Safari
  • tested in IE7,8; Firefox 3,3.6,4; Safari4,5; Chrome; Opera10.60;
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I've had a good experience with Plupload. It plays nice with jQuery UI as well.

Here are some higlighted features:

  • Chunking
  • Drag/Drop
  • PNG Resize
  • JPEG Resize
  • Type filtering
  • Stream upload
  • Multipart upload
  • File size restriction
  • Upload progress
  • Custom headers

It supports the following plugins/technologies for near complete cross browser usage (with varying degrees of feature support):

  • Flash
  • Gears
  • HTML 5
  • Silverlight
  • BrowserPlus
  • HTML 4
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