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I am typically faced with this workflow when submitting iOS bugs with screenshots:

  • Take screenshot on iOS device
  • Open pictures
  • Find the specific picture
  • Email picture
  • Download picture from email
  • Create JIRA ticket
  • Find and attach screenshot
  • Submit ticket

I would like to change it to this:

  • Take screenshot on iOS device (a JIRA bug submission form then pops up)
  • Fill out the form on iOS device with screenshot pre-attached.
  • Submit ticket

How can I do this?

More specifically:

  1. What frameworks or libraries do I need to use/understand on both the iOS and JIRA sides?
  2. How can I intercept the screenshot capture mechanism (Home + Off button) and open a view over the application?
  3. How can I drop this code module in to any project so that it "just works" with very little changes to any project files or plists. See FoneMonkey
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Did you ever try mobile connect SDK from Atlassian:

Jira Mobile Connect

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