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What would be your best combination of tools to build a JQuery Mobile application that :

  • handles many kinds of objets with relations
  • has many (many) different edition screens
  • has to work offline, server sync is performed lastly (dedicated screen) ; Application and media caching will be done using HTML5 manifest

Despite my reasonably good experience in OOP, I feel quite confused when it comes to Javascript and its abounding MVC frameworks.

  • persistence.js seems to be a good and intelligible candidate. Navigation is done manually though ;
  • backbone.js + backbone-relational + backbone-localstorage/websql brings a nice MVC layer. Examples look nice on simple apps ; Wonder how well it couples with JQueryMobile's routing ;
  • your idea ?

Thank you in advance for sharing your recommandations !

Notes :

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I use this stack for my applications and it seems to work well: jquery mobile + jquerymobile router + backbone/underscore + persistence.js.

The integration between backbone and persistence is done "manually" by overriding the 'save' method of my models. Takes a few minutes to implement from scratch but it's quite easy to do.

However, I think that backbone-relational + backbone-localstorage/websql shouldn't clash with jqm routing, as long as you don't use the Backbone.Router

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