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I am getting an error trying to install Perlfect search after I run

The required DB_File module was not found on your system

I've tried following the instructions from the Perlfect search readme and also from How do I install Perl 5.8 and Perlfect on IIS 7.5? on Serverfault but can't get past the step of running the

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You have installed ActiveState's DB_File PPM correct? Actually, looking at that page, it appears that's not possible... –  derobert Jan 12 '12 at 15:43

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If you take a look at the DB_File PPM page you'll see that DB_File has not been built for Windows, either 32- or 64-bit. If you look at one of the build logs you'll see that its because the build is disabled. An older log reveals that it's disabled because ActiveState knows that Berkeley DB is not available, so the build will fail.

So, you'll need to either find a way to built it yourself, or alternatively see if you can get Strawberry Perl to work. According the the Win32 Perl Wiki entry Install DB File on Strawberry Perl that is fairly easy.

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