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I've been attempting to adjust a mysql SELECT statement based on input from checkboxes. The php code collects the ticked checkboxes into an array, implodes them into a comma-separated list and then runs the query using an in statement (as was detailed here).

The query generated comes out as SELECT * FROM events WHERE Discipline IN (SJ,OTHER) which is a correctly formatted query as far as I can tell.

This shows up as an invalid query when run from the php code. When I run the query using phpmyadmin, I receive this message:

#1054 - Unknown column 'SJ' in 'where clause'

I was wondering if anyone could tell my why that query is generating the error?

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Try putting quotes around the values in the IN clause:

SELECT * FROM events WHERE Discipline IN ('SJ','OTHER')
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That works for the query. Unfortunately, I now have to persuade the php code to wrap the strings in quotes before imploding them into a comma separated list. –  The General Jan 12 '12 at 17:14
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If SJ and OTHER are string literal use:

 SELECT * FROM events WHERE Discipline IN ('SJ','OTHER')
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