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I wonder if I can configure a pane in tmux to appear in all windows.

Any hints how to do that?

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There was a related thread on the mailing list a while ago: “No it can't, panes have to be in one window only.”. – Chris Johnsen Apr 28 '12 at 5:18

no you can't configure a pane to be linked to every window in a traditional sense but you can use tmux's link-window functionality to achieve much of this effect. wrap it in a script or tmux session file to link it to many windows at once.


you will also want to use the join-pane feature.

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Of course this is possible, but you would need to run tmux inside a tmux pane.

| tmux pane 1 | tmux pane 2 |
|             |             |
|             |+-----------+|
|             || new tmux  ||
|             ||  session  ||
|             |+-----------+|

How to do it:

  1. start new tmux session
  2. split pane
  3. unset TMUX in pane 2 # this allows tmux in tmux
  4. start new tmux session in pane
  5. repeat 1-3
  6. run tmux attach -t <target-session> # this is opens the shared session

This does not work as easily if you are running wrappers for tmux, such as come with oh-my-zsh or tmuxinator. And there are probably many reasons you shouldn't do it, I just don't know any of them.

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